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Best Panasonic Rice Cooker- A Detailed Review

We will get you through a detailed description of a best Panasonic rice cooker and its features. This article will also guide you through the cons and pros of best Panasonic Rice cooker.

 panasonic rice cooker review

Why choosing a rice cooker?

Choosing a rice cooker which is especially meant for cooking rice seems a bit lousy option. This seems to fool choice to choose a rice cooker for just cooking rice. But no, many people especially foodies don’t want to lose their feast just for few dollars save. They prefer taking up correct machinery for the purpose it is meant to be made. Expert chefs have an opinion that cooking rice in an ordinary pressure cooker is not a good option.

The fluffy rice never comes out, and as always the quality and smell are never preserved. Therefore, our expert opinion suggests you get a rice cooker for making your every lunch and ever dinner memorable. The experience about thinking of which craves your taste buds. Our site has given a detailed description of the best available companies in the market whose rice cookers are considered to be best. Today our main area focus is a best  Panasonic rice cooker.


Old is Gold- Panasonic Incorporations

panasonic rice cooker instruction


Panasonic is one of the oldest production lines that prove to be one of the best in their field of expertise. What they produce is always matchless perfect and long lasting. You don’t have to dump their products after a couple of years. Instead, they promise to be your partner till your last breath. The company was set up in 1894 with officially named as Panasonic in 1918.

Their base headquarters were first established in Japan. In 1959, they had a ground base in America by the foundation of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America (MECA). In 2004, they announced their global slogan in the world “Ideas For Life.” Their slogan is all that describes the company’s motifs and goals.

Panasonic is also part of many making world better projects. They have set up many environment-friendly campaigns. They also have Museum that describes the company’s evolution. In Japan 1970 expo they presented a time capsule. In short, the company is doing its best to help the humanity with their environment-friendly products.

Best Panasonic Rice Cooker- A step towards innovation

The Panasonic as its promised track record provided another perfect gadget for the rice cooking. If you have this product you don’t have to worry for the over burning of rice. The fluffy restaurant style rice can be served in your home anytime. The company has provided rice cookers with various styles, and a wide range of sizes are also available. Choose the cooker according to your needs and a number of members in your home and instantly buy that product. The best Panasonic rice cooker is the beast in town and has beat their competitors in every aspect you can compare.  You can have blind trust on this leading corporation.


What are the best Panasonic rice cooker models?

Currently, many models are available in the market, but there are two best in town. The one is SR-SPX183 which is the latest one with fuzzy technology. The other one is SR-GA721 which is Aluminum inner pan rice cooker. Let’s review them separately and find what’s good in them for buyers.


The most technology oriented beast- Panasonic rice cooker SR-SPX183

This model is one of the best in town with Microchip introduced fuzzy technology. This sleek looking machine is provided with many features. You can have great facility while cooking because of the features provided. Let’s review its benefits and cons

What’s good for the buyers in it- best Panasonic rice cooker SR-SPX183 

The features included are as follows

  • The technology boosted microcomputer- this tiny gadget is incorporated with a microcomputer which monitors and regulates power adjustments, and cooking areas are also regulated. Now this you don’t have to think because of this mini brain machine. The microcomputer installed is the latest Fuzzy technology which helps you to do the cooking. The fuzzy technology is one of the most innovative technologies installed in rice cookers. The best Panasonic rice cooker is capable of utilizing this computer and does the intelligent processing itself. This is the main reason for the consistent results and precise cooking.


  • Tumbling boiling technology- the tumbling boiling technology is another unique feature of the best Panasonic rice cooker. Now you don’t have to worry shaking or mixing the rice while some time intervals. Because the Panasonic engineers have taken care of that. This tumbling technology will do the mixing while boiling so that there is even burning of the rice. You get completely fluffy rice after the cooking process is done. This is one of the exclusive features of the best Panasonic rice cooker.


  • High-temperature caloric steam heating- there is a high-temperature heating mode for steam heating. This feature is useful for the dishes that require the preservation of rice moistures. Cooking with steam heating at this high temperature is useful because the rice is properly cooked and rice content is not burnt, and surprisingly moisture content is not affected. Sushi is prepared by this method. If you direct heat the rice, they will be flaky and won’t catch up your taste buds. The steam heating is done at the temperature of 200 degree Celsius which else wise is not possible. The delicious flavor is yummy and makes you cook again and again.


  • Special coated Diamond Kamado pan- the inner pan is core object in the heating. It is specially made to meet the requirements. Unlike other Teflon coated pans this pan is made to tolerate high-temperature resistance. This diamond coated pan has special properties. The properties make the cooking very efficient. The heating is done by the heat convection of fine bubbles. The fine bubbles are produced when they hit the diamond coated pan which is further reinforced by fluorocarbon resin coating.


  • Rice washable facility- The inner pot is designed to serve vast purposes. You are busy with your routines, and you don’t have time to separately wash the rice and cook them. No problem! The best rice cooker is here for you. Just pour the right amount of rice and water in the cooker and follow the instructions for the washing and cooking and get back to your work. Best Panasonic rice cooker aids to help you any way possible.


  • Detachable inner cap lid- you cannot always use the uncleaned cooker for the rice cooking process. Most of the cookers have the attached inner lid which is later difficult for us to clean the cooker. But best Panasonic rice cooker has solved this problem. Remove the inner lid and easily wash it and put it back in position for another round of operations.


  • Large preset time- going out for a couple of hours, no problem. Going for a day, still no problem. You must be surprised how going for a day is no problem with the preset cooking feature. Surprisingly yes it is not a problem. You just have to set the preset timer to 24-hour clock and go out for a hike or picnic or wherever you are planning to go, and after a return, you will find your recipe fresh as made it a few moments ago. The best Panasonic rice cooker has made it possible. They understand your busy schedule and help you with your diet and business.


  • Fuzzy logic menu- the fuzzy logic technology allows us to go through different menus. A wide range of menu is available for us. You just not only boil your rice in it. You can steam cook, white rice cook, congee, sushi, grains, cake, casserole rice, steam, and soup. Mixed rice can also be prepared. A quick cook mode is also available if you are in a great hurry. The fuzzy logic control is one of the biggest blessings in the rice cooker technology.


  • ECONAVI technology- the keep warm ECONAVI technology is also present. Unlike other keep warm technologies it is power efficient. There are two keep warm modes, a simple keep warm mode and a steam keep warm mode.


  • Power efficient- Best Panasonic rice cookers also keep in mind power consumptions so all models are built upon the basic principle of power saving.


  • Automatic shutoff
  • Bright orange fuzzy LCD
  • Clock is also present


To some problems- Cons of

Although the gadget is perfect built people say that it has some issues. Technical issues are not seen, but some of the physical issues are seen. These problems are as follows.

  • It is not ideal for brown rice. Brown rice sometimes is not properly cooked and have a problem in taste and quality, so people mostly avoid cooking brown rice.
  • The gadget is said to be a bit pricey. The features are enormous, but critics claim that competitors are providing same features in fewer prices.
  • There is the issue that sometimes rice is stuck on the bottom of the pan which causes difficulty in removing them. Rubbing is not efficient in removing the rice.
  • The diamond coating has issues. People claim that it starts to peel off after a couple of years.
  • The LCD feature is although good and helpful, but people say that it makes the working a bit difficult. The old workers have a hindrance in operation.


parasonic rice cooker lcd


Old school- the conventional model SR-SPX183

Although this model looks outdated but still it is also the best pressure cooker in town. If you are sick of using the tricky fuzzy technology still, no worries just grab this 7.2 liters sized big beast. The features are

The benefits SR-SPX183

  • One touch operation- this cooker features the simple one-touch operation for which you don’t have to go through instructions or different manuals.
  • Big size- the cooker is of enormously big capacity. It has a big capacity of 7.2 liters that can cook a large amount of rice.
  • Tough- this model is tough comparative to other models as there is no microchip of LCD incorporated in it. It runs for years.
  • Cool touch handles- the cool touch handles aid in easy displacing the cooker.
  • Steam cap- The detailed steam feature is described before but for it you need a steam cap. The steam cap is helpful is easy steam cooking. The steam cap is separately provided and is used when you have to use the steam cooking feature.

The cons of SR-SPX183

  • Extra simple- people claim that this model is extra simple and does not provide basic menus for cooking. You have just one cooking manual.
  • No LCD- these models are not provided with LCD
  • Only one menu- unlike other models it cannot cook many varieties of models because it does not come with the menu option.
  • Less keep warm time- the model is provided with less preset cook timings which limit the buyer’s facility.

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Both the models are provided with the accessories given below

  • Measuring cup
  • Rice scoop
  • Steaming basket
  • Detachable power cord

 panasonic rice cooker reviews

Warranty Claims

The company claims 1-year international warranty for both of its products.

Power supply

Both the models are provided with 120 volts voltage input to meet American electrical standards. The international models are provided with adaptors to use 220 volts voltage input.

The SR-SPX183 consumes 2500 watts of power while SR-SPX183 consumes 1400 watts of power.


The fuzzy warm jar model, SR-SPX183, with microcomputers is a bit pricey which cost above 110 dollars. But the traditional pot model, SR-SPX183, is low priced and range from 50 dollars to 60 dollars. According to specifications, they are giving you best prices.


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A detailed description is provided for your facility. You can see that if they meet your requirements. Our critic’s report has shown all the features and pros and cons of the best Panasonic rice cookers and can aid you to choose whether the cooker meets your requirements or not. After all, the customer is the best judge.

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