Best Fagor Pressure Cooker Review

Best Fagor Pressure Cooker Review By Pressure Cooker Guru


The elite line comprises pressure cookers which have two pressure settings, namely low 8 and high 15 psi. The fagor pressure cooker is available in 4-quart, 6-quart and 10-quart. In addition to pressure cooking, the 10-quart unit can be used for pressure canning. The Fargo  pressure cookers come backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel, these pressure cookers make use of a spring-type mechanism to operate. They come with an automatic pressure release system and a visual pressure indicator. This line of Fargo pressure cookers works on all domestic cooking surfaces, including gas, ceramic, electric and induction even.


About Fagor  America

Fagor America logo

Once again, more and more people are discovering the benefits of pressure cooking. Fagor, manufactured by Fagor America, is among the most popular brands of pressure cookers. Fagor America was started back in 1992. They’re entirely owned by Fagor, which is headquartered in Spain. In fact, Fagor is the fifth-largest appliance manufacturer in the whole of Europe. They’ve been operating since 1954 till date.

Fagor America has contributed a lot to the resurgence of pressure cooker sales in the U.S. Fagor offers 6 different lines of pressure cookers to choose from: Rapid Express, Fagor Splendid, Futuro, Elite, Duo and the Chef lines. Below, we feature the three best pressure cookers by Fagor:


What’s Unique about the Fagor Pressure Cooker?

  • Cooking time is reduced by up to 70%
  • You can cook meatballs in just 4 minutes, risotto in 7 minutes, and cheesecake in 30 minutes, as well as chicken soup in 15 minutes
  • It easily adapts to your favorite recipes, cooking in one third of the normal time
  • You’re able to cook delicious meals whilst retaining the vital water-soluble vitamins and minerals
  • It maintains the natural flavor and color of foods
  • It cooks without oil

Why the Fagor Duo, 8-Quart, Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker (With Steamer Basket) is the Best?


Fagor Duo, 8-Quart, Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


This pressure cooker represents an ultimately healthy, time- and cost-saving tool for reliable food cooking. It’s essentially composed of a pot that has a semi-sealed lockable lid, and a valve that serves to control the pressure inside. This model comes backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

The stainless steel construction guarantees that this pressure cooker will last long. Stainless steel is a better solution for a cooker’s durability when compared to aluminum or other metals. The stainless steel provides enough resistance, in addition to ensuring quick and even distribution of heat. Its high quality design makes it an easy-to-use kitchen appliance.

The Fagor Duo, 8-Quart pressure cooker can be used with all heat sources and stovetops, including gas, ceramic, electric and induction. Safety is maximized by the incorporation of a visual pressure indicator and a safety-lock handle. The handle has been designed to stay put or locked while cooking until all pressure has been released. It ensures that the lid doesn’t come off unintentionally.

Besides the many advantages this pressure cooker offers, it’s a highly recommended cooker by most other users. Numerous positive reviews online emphasize on its nice and modern design, easy utilization, quick and quiet cooking. It’s really a great pressure cooker, reasonably priced and of top quality!


The main features of the Fagor Duo, 8-Quart Pressure Cooker

  • Measures approximately 17.2-inch x 11-inch x 10-inch
  • Comes with a steamer basket
  • Made from 18/10 stainless steel to guarantee enhanced durability
  • Automatized pressure release
  • Boasts ergonomically designed, sleek, black handles for easier handling
  • Features a visual pressure indicator and a safety-lock handle


best fagor pressure cooker review


Why the Fagor 670041960-LUX, 8-Quart. Multi-Cooker is the Best?

Fagor 670041960-LUX, 8-Quart. Multi-Cooker


Here’s a small kitchen appliance. Yes, it’s small. This unit is like 4 devices all wrapped up in one: rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker and yogurt maker. Additional assist functions like brown, simmer, sauté and keep-warm make this unit a one-pot cooking vessel. You choose between the two pressure options (low and high) to prepare meals in just minutes. Cook your risotto in less than ten minutes, cheesecake in 25 minutes and chicken stock in 30 minutes!

The Yogurt Maker function allows you to pasteurize milk safely and incubate the yogurt in one pot. It’d especially a great option for families and individuals who’ve limited countertop space. However, it’s price competitively as other pressure cookers within its class. The silver color simply appeals and will fit in perfectly into your kitchen space. It’s undeniably a great deal that’s worth considering. You’re, in fact, getting quality value for your money.


Main Features of the Fagor 670041960-LUX Multi-Cooker

  • Reduces cooking time by 70%
  • Measures 16-inch x 13-inch x 13-inch, while weighing a conveniently low 18 pounds
  • Features a time-delay function that allows you to delay your cooking start time for up to six hours
  • A keep-warm setting ensures to keep food warm for up to twelve hours
  • It retains the food’s natural flavor
  • Pressure cook on a high or low for 99 minutes


Summary on the Best Fagor Pressure Cooker

The list of benefits you’d get to enjoy by using a pressure cooker is quite extensive. It’s important that you purchase a reliable, efficient and durable pressure cooker. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a pressure cooker made from inferior materials. Such cookers are simply a waste of money. Eventually, they start losing value and you’re prompted to purchase a new one.

Doing research won’t hurt a lot. In fact, you’ll be happier that you did the research if you end up with the perfect pressure cooker. You’re now already aware of Fagor pressure cookers. You already know the best Fagor pressure cookers. The models mentioned above would be a great place to start from.


Benefits Offered by Fagor Pressure Cookers


fagor pressure cooker food


1. Sustainability

Among the areas given more attention and focus with all Fagor products is efficient usage of resources. Fagor ensures that all its products are energy-saving and environmental-friendly. Using highly efficient products ends up saving you a huge deal of money. Fagor plays part in the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the Energy Star Program by the Department of Energy.


2. Convenience

Cooking with any of Fagor’s pressure cookers is indisputably convenient. You’re able to create great varieties of delicious, healthy meals. These range from soups, steamed veggies, flans, stews to cheesecakes.


3. Quick and Easy to Use

Most pressure cookers by Fargo reduce the cooking time by 70%. Favorite recipes will quickly adapt and cook in a fraction of the normal time. You won’t have any problems while cooking. Note that almost all Fagor pressure cookers come with a manual and a recipe book. After simply loading the ingredients and locking the lid in place, you can begin cooking.


best fagor pressure cooker review


4. Safety

Most Fagor pressure cookers have been made from stainless steel, rather than aluminum. Their construction doesn’t have any non-stick coating. Some acids used in manufacturing non-stick coatings on cookware tend to cause serious, long-term health issues. As well, the pressure cookers ensure to retain the needed water-soluble vitamins and minerals. They cook without oil. Lastly, they maintain the natural flavor and color of foods.


5. Warranty

All Fagor pressure cookers come with a long-time warranty. You’re assured of durability. A manufacturer wouldn’t give a long time warranty on a product whose durability is doubtable. In fact, most users who’ve used these pressure cookers acknowledge that they’re indeed long lasting, offering great service for your money.


Pros of Fagor Pressure Cookers

  • Saves up to 70% of the cooking time when compared to conventional cooking methods
  • Comes with safety valves which allows excess pressure to be released
  • All Fagor units are energy-efficient and environmental-friendly
  • Their easy load system turns cooking into a breeze
  • These cookers are reasonably priced, yet well affordable
  • Quality is ensured both in construction and performance of these cookers
  • Fagor pressure cookers last long, giving you long time service


Cons of Fagor Pressure Cookers

  • Their covers need to be HAND-washed
  • Some of the units have been asserted to be fairly expensive


best fagor pressure cooker review



Fagor pressure cookers offer the best value. They amazingly combine top notch quality with great convenience. They’re top performers and would be a smart choice for you. The decision is entirely up to you. Which are the factors you’d need to consider when seeking a pressure cooker? First, establish what your preferences are; what you’d want in a pressure cooker. Then, consider how much you can afford to pay? Take into account factors like safety, size, pressure indicator, warranty and accessories. Ascertain that you’ve obtained the best value for your money!

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