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When market is full of cookers, and you don’t know which product to go on with


Cuckoo Rice Cooker


Nowadays our markets are stuffed with lots of different products. You can have anything depending on the amount you are carrying. Thanks to Chinese importers we have every kind of product. A person pays 2 dollars for the copy of 15 dollars products and then cries over its durability is common in our world. While going market, one should have the sound information about the different categories.

Same is with the pressure cookers. In the market, there are too many cookers, and you are astonished that which one you should purchase. Product description explains that whichever cooker you choose is perfect for you. You cannot compromise quality and can’t even afford high class American expensive cookers. So you have to fish for the perfect cooker with no quality compromise and keeping affordability in mind. Well, we are here for you. We have found what you are looking for. The perfect combo of affordability and durability. We present you the ultimate machine Cuckoo rice cooker. The Asian market beast!


The Korean gadget – Cuckoo Rice Cooker

35 years ago this company got into formation. It is the leading producer of the rice cooker in Korea. It has great influence over Korean market. With time they ruled entire in the pressure cooker and rice cooker products. The production line is so enormous, and they are selling too much of the product. Over last few years they have expanded their business and started exporting their products worldwide.

Most models are stainless steel and are provided with excellent insulation. A few years back they faced difficulty entering the United States as they have difficulty getting tenders. Now they have sound setup in the country. They have introduced many types of cookers. And they provide you one-year international warranty. The best three are as follows with best customer compliance

  1. Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0631F
  2. Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0351F
  3. CUCKOO Rice Cooker CRP-HMF1060SV


Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0631F – the best of the lot

Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0631F

This amazing machine is best of the other products. The little beast weighs 110pounds and operates on 110 volts. The wide angle LCD is the best thing for your friendliness. Unlike other cookers, it does not burn your rice. It also features thermostat for the safety and the auto shutdown purpose.

You can cook 6 cups of rice at a time. Its handy size makes it easy to use and save it any shelf of your kitchen. The sleek design fits it in any of the kitchen décors.  The best thing it features is that you can also cook brown rice in it which else wise would be difficult. The steam feature is provided with the help of double multi-soft steam cup.

Its operation is also easy. The lock button is also present. Overflow prevention is present.  Fill the right amount of rice and water and wait for the machine to do the rest. Guests are late and want to wait an additional couple of minutes? No problem its keep warm feature will help you through it. You have many options for cooking. These settings include mixed, slow cook, GABA, and porridge turbo cooking.

Are you not aware of the modes? No problem use my mode function and do the cooking as you prefer to do. Still, the user manual is quite easy to understand and will help you through the other modes.

It is available is most of the online and offline stores. Yes, and it also has warranty claims for one complete year for parts and service. The price is also affordable which is around 120 dollars, and you can avail discount for cuckoo rice cooker of around 11 dollars. Amazon offers discounted price of around 109 dollars.

The box includes the cooker, a manual, rice measuring cup to measure exact quantity of rice, spatula and another build in spatula for using inside the cooker. In short, if you are not brand conscious then this small baby cooker is not an issue you can enjoy all the comforts at a lower price. Not only the cooker but the company also provides the best feedback whenever required.


Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0351F


Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0351F


This little beauty comes in two color mustard green and wine red. This is another successful story of cuckoo enterprises. The cuckoo rice cooker has many cookers, and it’s among one of the best of these present in the market. If you are sick of getting bigger junkier cooker, then cuckoo has solved your problem.

Take this handy tiny box anywhere you want to. Also, it might be helpful to your kitchen décor. The 10-pound gadget features the latest fuzzy LCD technology which is one of the efficient specs to precise cooking. It runs on the 110-volt power supply. The little lightweight box is also durable. It has the normal capacity of 3 cups which is sufficient for normal household use.

The usual cuckoo auto off technology is also incorporated into it. The inner pot is non-stick so that nothing sticks to the pot and you find no difficulty in cleaning. There is another feature introduced that is preset cooking reheat function. The best part of this mini cooker is the cleaning system. For the lazy users, the company has introduced the auto steam cleaning system.

To make the rice stay warmer, it has the customizable warm control system. Turbo cooking facilitates in advance cooking and saves time. How can we forget the detachable inner lid? It is quite useful in cleaning the cooker. When it has finished cooking, it gives you a gentle beep. The operation is not difficult any child can also use it. The user-friendly manual is included in the pack. Cuckoo rice cooker comes with a one-year international warranty. The regular price is 99 dollars and is available in almost all marts and online stores. Currently no discount is available on these products.


CUCKOO Rice Cooker CRP-HMF1060SV


CUCKOO Rice Cooker CRP-HMF1060SV


Well if you are sick of pouring cups again and again and reusing rice cooker many time times when you have a backyard pool, then worry no more because cuckoo rice cooker is here again. This time you are with an upgrade. This 10 cup capacity cuckoo rice cooker is next level thing. All you have to do is to fill it with rice of appropriate amount up to 10 cups and let the panel touch decide next things.

Have few touches and your machine will present you your meal within a couple of minutes. Its market value is between 265 dollars to 270 dollars depending on the retailer. This machine weighs about 7.5kgs which are a bit bulky to carry with. The cover is detachable so that cleaning process is easily done. This further prevents breakage while moving the cooker.

Hygiene is very important therefore cuckoo has not neglected it. Auto sterilization measures are introduced further for the health of their customers. Unlike other models it has fast cook feature that allow the 10 cups of rice to be cooked for almost 13 minutes. It is surprisingly less time. The pot is nonstick thereby saving time to clean. The pot is also featured to be wide and flat so you can draw out rice easily without wasting it. The soft steam cap is included so that you can use steam easily. The steam feature enables us to use different categories of cooking rice.

The voltage input is different from other American models. This model is the global one as it comes with 220volts and 60 Hz. This model is sold worldwide. You have to use a converter along with to change voltage input to 110 volts if you are living in the United States. You might be facing difficulty in reading the manual as it is available in the Korean language.  But you can find English version online


Cuckoo Rice Cooker review


Cuckoo Rice Cooker Benefits

There are many benefits in purchasing Cuckoo rice cooker. Some are as follows

  1. They are affordable. Cheaper than regular American cookers.
  2. They feature good sleek design.
  3. As most of them are exported to America, so they have 110 volts input
  4. Highly insulated wiring.
  5. Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0631F
  6. Pot is made of non-stick material.
  7. You have the benefit of international one year warranty claims.
  8. It is lightweight. You can easily carry it along with other auxiliaries. Perfect for picnics and traveling.


Cuckoo Rice Cooker Features

  1. Maximum capacity of 10 cup
  2. Pressure cooking with advanced induction heating technology
  3. Three sided warming system to preserve energy
  4. 110 voltage input. Some international models feature 220 voltage input
  5. Inner lid is detachable to aid cleaning
  6. Non-stick inner pot
  7. Diamond coated side walls which make them scratch proof
  8. Flat and wide pot so that rice is easily withdrawn.
  9. Smart beep alarming technology
  10. Fast cook with the help of turbo cooking technology and rice cooks in just 13 minutes
  11. Double soft cup for steaming
  12. Steam cleaning which is automatic
  13. Many functions like GABA, slow cook, and porridge mode.
  14. Energy efficient and energy savor
  15. Some cooking options available.
  16. Safety standards approved
  17. High Energy saving (Energy Efficiency Function)
  18. Water proof
  19. Lock button function
  20. Volume Control Function
  21. Well insulated circuit
  22. Lcd feature
  23. Auto sterilization
  24. Three Dimensional Dimple
  25. Keep warm function


Cuckoo Rice Cooker review


Cuckoo Rice Cooker Pros and Cons

Like everything cuckoo, rice cooker also has cons and pros.  We’ll discuss few of them.


  • Easily available in the market.
  • Durable
  • High melt plastic coating.
  • Good cleaning options.
  • Auto regulatory thermostat.
  • Steam features.
  • Miniature sizes.
  • Measuring cups available along with all the models to measure the correct amount of rice added.
  • All models are LCD incorporated and are user-friendly
  • Different cook options are available other than only boiling rice.
  • Energy efficient models. Save electricity and prevent short circuiting.
  • Many models provide detachable lids so to aid cleaning of the pot.
  • Advanced logic fuzzy technology in many models.
  • Double steam cup
  • Brand assurance



  • Plastic breaks easily. You have to avoid it from falling.
  • If LCD stops functioning, you cannot operate the machine and troubles you in working
  • Size limits only up to 10 cups of rice.
  • Almost all the models are available in 110 volts input voltage. So they are globally not useful as in all other countries we have the voltage output of 220 volts in our homes.
  • Your product is shipped to Korea for warranty claims which usually take days.
  • If you have the large order, it takes days for the order to arrive.
  • Buttons for operation are not durable.
  • These models are not shock resistant.
  • They are not high voltage resistant.
  • They cannot be operated for longer durations as they are not professional models. For longer operations, you have to upgrade to professional versions.



After the comprehensive description of the models, we come to the conclusion that cuckoo rice cooker is one of the best in the current price range and are also affordable to us. If you have no brand issues and you can trust a foreign cooperates then cuckoo rice cooker is the best available choice in town. Domestic users can grab these boxes without any hesitation and can enjoy their meal. These models are best in meeting safety standards and avoid electric short circuit and over-heating.

Cuckoo is leading electronic brand in Asian countries and has no high price issues. Although I have gone through other models, they are quite expensive in this range. These fancy gadgets will suffice you rice appetite. Hope you get your opinion regarding rice cookers. This article will save you a lot of time and help you to avoid googling for the each and every specific item.


Cuckoo Rice Cooker review

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