How to Choose a Pressure Cooker: Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

In this article, we will focus on how to choose a pressure cooker and Best pressure cooker Review and all about Pressure cooker


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Things to consider before buying pressure cooker

Aluminum vs. Durable Stainless Steel

An ancient proverb says that a good knife was never comprised of bad steel. In the world of pressure cookers, that is a great place to begin. Heavy-gauge, high-quality steel is the best place to start when it comes to the criteria to judge pressure cookers by. Without materials of high quality, components and features are all for nothing. In this day and age, we have the good fortune that the components that make up what you are buying are listed clearly on the box.

Ideally, you want a pressure cooker which is constructed of top quality stainless steel. There are different kinds of stainless steel. The ideal is 18/10 Stainless Steel which is an 18 percent chromium/10 percent nickel blend. Nickel and chromium have the advantages of being corrosion and stain resistant, and they shine.

On the other hand, pressure cookers made of aluminum are lighter weight, cost less, and have a uniform performance when it comes to heating since aluminum has great heat conduction. The downside of aluminum is that over time it will stain and is inherently weak. The main reason to choose aluminum is economics. By all means, purchase durable stainless steel if you can afford it.


The Importance of the Pressure Indicator

A pressure cooker that reaches 15 pounds per square inch (PSI) is the standard among recipes for pressure cookers. You must make sure that any pressure cooker you are interested in buying can reach 15 PSI. If you bought one that didn’t, you’d be making a big mistake. This is a requirement that is often overlooked, so make sure to check it out.


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Quick Release

Always make sure you get a pressure cooker that has the quick release option as part of the pressure regulator. This ensures that the pressure cooker can reduce the pressure within the pot rapidly without losing heat.

Safety features on pressure cookers

There are a lot of different safety features on pressure cookers these days that pressure cookers of the past didn’t offer. One modern feature is the use of a valve stem to vent steam from the pressure cooker when over pressure happens. There is a hissing sound at the release. In case the pressure continues to rise, the modern pressure cooker’s sealing gasket is pushed out via a safety aperture that is part of the lid, which will safely release the pressure.


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pressure cooker’s Size

There are various sizes one can purchase. The 4-quart and the 6-quart pressure cookers are most commonly used. When you are figuring out the size you need, you will want to consider things like storage space, budget, the typical amount of portions you are going to make. If you can afford a 7- or 8-quart pressure cooker, you should probably get it. Pressure cookers can be filled to the two-thirds mark for most recipes. Foods that froth and foam while cooking can only be allowed to fill the pot halfway. Remember that as the biggest pressure cookers can handle the tiniest portions of food, the smaller ones can’t handle larger amounts. It’s a simple concept but easily forgotten.

Cover interlock

It is important to get a pressure cooker that has a system for locking the cover. This device will stop pressure from mounting before the cover is correctly locked and keeps the top locked until the pressure is reduced in a safe manner. Only some pressure cookers have visual pressure indicators. This is an important safety feature on those that do.

Cooking rack

The best pressure cookers come with a basket or cooking rack. This enables one to heat food above the liquid used for cooking at the bottom.


Pick up the pressure cooker that you want to buy, hold it, and move around with it as you might in your home. It should feel secure and comfortable when you hold it.

Pressure Cookers Base

When you buy a pressure cooker that is made of stainless steel, make sure it’s got a detrimental or even just a bimetal base, normally a bottom that is clad in aluminum. This will stop scorching for the most part and add great heat conduction, as well as allow for easy cleaning.


Choose a Pressure Cooker base


A lot of good pressure cookers will come with a comprehensive guidebook on how to use it, as well as a quality recipe book. The operating instructions should be clear and detailed. The pressure cooking recipes should be basic, clear, and easy to follow.

Company quality and replacement parts

The best pressure cookers will have a lifespan of multiple decades. When selecting a quality one, you want to be sure to consider the company that produced it and their reputation for standing behind their products. Replacement parts are not covered. Therefore it is best to pick a brand that makes replacement parts available.


Non-stick no-no

There are several reasons not to indulge in buying a non-stick pressure cooker. Non-stick surfaces don’t last. That is the fundamental reason not to get a non-stick machine. The second is that there are health issues with non-stick materials. Without covering the debate surrounding non-stick and its safety or lack thereof, I will say that the conservative choice, in this case, is the wisest.


Choose a Pressure Cooker NON STICK

What are the Benefits of Cooking With a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooking is a technique that has been around for a long time, although many people have not endorsed this technique, the modern pressure cookers are efficient and safe to use. Contrary to the earlier days when pressure cookers were considered dangerous, today they have advanced and are safe to use.

Pressure cooking is a technique that offers numerous benefits ranging from health benefits, budget benefits, and many more benefits. In general, pressure cooking technique is here to simply your cooking, reduce the time you spend on cooking and at the same time give you amazing end results, a delicious, healthy meal.

Modern day pressure cookers are a huge improvement compared to the noisy and steam spitting cookers that were there before, with these advancements a lot of benefits are now evident, the following are the some of the reasons why pressure cooking is good for health.

1. Food retains most of the nutrients.


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A meal prepared using the pressure cooking technique will be more nutritious which is a big heath benefit. The time taken by the pressure cookers is relatively short compared to the other methods ( pressure cookers reduce the cooking time by as much as 70%), this makes it possible for most of the nutrients to be retained. When a meal is cooked for a long time, most of the nutrients are denatured and what is left is food with low content nutrients.

The other way that pressure cooking helps preserve most of the nutrients is by using less water. This technique of cooking uses far much less water compared to other methods; this ensures that water does not leach away minerals and vitamins.

If you are looking for a healthier meal, a meal with more nutrients, one of the options you might consider is pressure cooking.


2. Pressure cooking makes legumes and grains more digestible through reduction of lectins and phytic acid.

Phytic acid binds minerals and other nutrients in the digestive tract, this hinders the body from absorbing them. By reducing phytic acid in the legumes and grains, there is an increase of nutrient availability, and this makes them more digestible. When we eat food, the most important step that comes after is digestion, if it is not efficient, the meal is rendered useless. Pressure cooking is the best option when it comes to cooking your soaked beans and grains as it will help reduce lectins. Pressure cooking will enhance digestion through the action of reducing phytic acid and lectins, and the meal becomes much healthier to our bodies.


3. No formation of carcinogenic compounds.

Pressure cooking will help reduce health-harming compounds like acrylamide. High-temperature cooking of foods such as potatoes cause the formation carcinogenic compounds like acrylamides, but in pressure cooking, they do not form. This impact is of a big advantage to our health as some risk are reduced.


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Other benefits of pressure cooking are

  • Energy saving: Pressure cooking helps save energy; preserve cooker is more efficient that using several pots on separate burners. When you get into the habit of using pressure cookers, you will realize significant energy saving. In today’s economy, everyone wants to hear where they can achieve cost saving and using pressure cooker will help you achieve this.
  • Time-saving while preparing a meal: Pressure cookers reduce the time spent to cook a meal by about 70%, needless to say, this is a huge plus to the one cooking and also for the ones waiting for the meal to get ready. With a pressure cooker, you don’t have to wait for hours for the meal to get ready.
  • Pressure cooking results in a tasty food: The steam in a pressure cooker is the main reason for the tasty meal. The steam that has the original flavor of food does not run out through the lid; this will make the food prepared through pressure cooking taste better.
  • Suitable for dishwashers: You can put the stainless steel pressure cooker into a dishwasher.


Pressure cooking’s cons.

  • Food may get too soft. With pressure cooking the food may bee too soft, this could make uncomfortable to those taking the meal.
  • Some knowledge will be required to cook efficiently and avoid accidents.
  • To check the cooking progress of the food, the cooking process is interrupted.


A Simple Guide on How to Clean Pressure Cooker

Many people spend a great deal of cash when buying a top-quality pressure cooker. Eventually, they also get to understand how a pressure cooker works and the benefits of using it.

Though the big question? Do they know how these pressure cookers are supposed to be cleaned? If not careful, a huge investment in a pressure cooker can turn out to be a huge waste if a person neglects their cleaning. In fact, just the same way a person would take care of any other good piece of quality cookware, the same way they should take care of their pressure cooker, making sure it’s stored clean after use. 


Here is  an easy guide on how to clean pressure cooker

How to Clean Pressure Cooker

  1. Unplug the appliance. Always unplug any appliance before cleaning to avoid shock and allow it to cool if it’s hot after use. Also, check the cord for any damage or any needed repairs.
  2. Remove lid and interior pot from a housing of the pressure cooker and clean. Wipe gently the exterior of the housing to remove crumbs and tough stains. Use a small brush to remove dried food materials around the area of the housing unit. Caution: The housing has electric components, and hence should never be immersed in water.
  3. Hand-wash lid with warm, soapy water. If you leave your pressure cooker to cool naturally, the lid is normally rather clean. And most of the time a person doesn’t have to unscrew anything to wash it – simply take a clean, dry cloth and wipe dry the lid. Although some other times the lid should get a seasonal deep-clean by removing a few key parts, for proper maintenance.
  4. Remove the steam-release handle. Simply pull the steam-release handle off gently to check for any food particles.
  5. Remove the anti-block shield. Similarly, remove the anti-block shield from the underside of the lid slowly to wipe the steam valve clean. Bear in mind, the steam valve should never be removed from its place at any one time. Reattach the anti-block shield and tighten by hand. If you frequently use the quick release to cook sticky food or release steam out, unscrew the anti-block shield to clean with some regularity checks in place.
  6. Remove the float valve. Start by removing the silicone ring fixed to the float valve and clean both parts – reattach when dry. It’s always critical to inspect the float valve to ensure that it’s not loose and functioning normally.
  7. Remove sealing ring. Quite often the silicone sealing should be removed from regularly to eliminate any lingering smells and inspect for damage. Like if a person should notice any leaking, cracking, or deformation of any kind on the sealing ring, they should replace it immediately. Conversely, the silicone ring should be washed in a dishwasher or soaked in vinegar first to remove unpleasant odors. More so, the sealing ring should be at all times be clean and well placed before use to ensure a proper seal alignment in all pressure cooking occasions.
  8. Wash the inner pot and steam rack. Simply hand-wash all these parts in a dishwasher, and wipe them dry with a clean, dry cloth or sponge.
  9. Use vinegar to replenish finish and shine on inner pot. To remove any unpleasant discoloring or rainbowing effect on the stainless steel inner pot, simply wipe or soak with vinegar. Avoid using any substance that would scratch the surface, like steel wool.
  10. Reassemble all parts together. Lastly, make sure all parts are securely fixed together to ensure the proper seal. Also double-check to ensure the silicone sealing ring, float valve, and anti-block shield wasn’t by any mistake forgotten. Afterward, get back to making some tasty dinner magic as usual!

a simple guide How to Clean Pressure Cooker


Some other tips and tricks to consider include

  • Never put the electric pressure cooker in a dish washer at any one time
  • Always clean an electric pressure cooker after use or
  • Clean it before using if it has been kept idle for a long period
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean the pressure cooker


Above all else, everyone should make a point of cleaning their electric pressure cooker regularly to ensure their cooker will operate at stealth performance for a longer time. Not frequent cleaning of pressure cookers can cause them to easily malfunction or cause formation of unpleasant, stale odors inside them – and in some extreme cases, even spoil the food being prepared.


What is Best Pressure Cooker: author’s Pick

A pressure cooker refers to a cooking appliance that’s used for cooking food by using high pressure and temperature, which significantly reduces the time of cooking while also saving the energy. An electric pressure cooker contains a lid, pressure relief valve, and a pot. If you’re looking for an easy, fast and great way to make healthy and delicious meals, then an electric pressure cooker is a must.

With prices of pressure cookers steadily coming down with many companies offering long warranties and more features so as to stay ahead of the competition, there’s every reason to buy a great pressure cooker. Indeed, modern pressure cookers can brown, boil and steam a wide range of foods. If you choose to go for the high-end models, you may also try out food canning. Here are the best pressure cooker reviews:
A bestseller amongst pressure cookers in the price bracket, Instant Pot electric pressure cooker usually comes with a very durable stainless steel exterior. The design allows it to avoid attracting fingerprints or even stains from spillage. The inner pot is also made of the durable stainless steel. It has also been strengthened further by the three-ply bottom. Coupled with a 6-liter inner pot capacity and ten safety mechanisms that are inbuilt in this product, the durability makes this pressure cooker one of the most dependable products in the market.

The real specialty of the pressure cooker is its ability to cook using the high-pressure mode. This normally reduces the cooking time by 70 percent. Moreover, the low-pressure mode prevents smaller foods from getting ruined by the high-pressure cooking. The pressure cooker also has a yogurt maker function that allows milk to be pasteurized and fermented in small containers. Topping off the excellent list of the features is the seven special functions and 14 microprocessor controlled programs that include sauteing, rice cooker and slow cooker. As a result, this cooker provides you with a full range of all cooking options.


what is best pressure cooker for 2016


Feature highlights

  • It has dual pressure settings for flexible and fast cooking
  • The cooker has a yogurt maker function that can heat milk for fermentation and pasteurization
  • Three temperature settings for slow cooker and saute functions
  • Slow cook for around 0.5 -20 hours
  • The pressure cooker has a manual keep-warm setting up to 99 hours
  • The pressure cooker has an automatic keep warm for 10 hours
  • 24-hours-delay start timer
  • Energy-efficient: It can save up to 70% on energy


Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology

second best pressure cooker 2016


Made with the highly durable brushed steel, Power Pressure Cooker XL features special Teflon non-stick coatings on the interior pot which makes cleaning a very simple task. The XL also comes with the safe lock lid and a long handle that minimizes the chances of misbalance.

Furthermore, the XL can cook foods 70% faster as compared to traditional pressure cookers. Also, it has the slow cook mode which allows for cooking of foods that require slow steaming. It is ten times faster than what traditional cookers can achieve. Interestingly, both functions can also be used in cooking a wide range of foods including fish, beans, meat, soup and rice thanks to the special preset options which are available for each type of the above food types.





Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker

third best pressure cooker 2016An exemplary multi-functional pressure cooker, the stainless steel cooker comes with a very special automatic lock-on lid mechanism. Coupled with a rubber gasket, this allows steam to be locked inside until it’s manually released depending on the convenience. It also has a stainless steel rack, spoon and plastic cup that allow the pressure cooker to act as a versatile all-in-one instrument for cooking.

Unlike many other products, this electric pressure cooker usually comes with a unique temperature sensor that’s directly integrated with a heating plate. This enables it to provide accurate information regarding the current temperature in the cooking pot. Working along with its easy cooking and temperature mode knobs allows for a wide range of cooking functions such as steaming, stewing, sauté and browning to be done with uniformly outstanding results.


Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker


Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker image


Matching the competition quite well, this Cuisinart pressure cooker comes with the stainless steel exterior. The cooking pot and trivet have also been coated with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Additionally, its design has also been specially optimized to make sure that steam is trapped inside the cooker for just the correct amount of time. This normally enhances the food flavors without making your food unpleasant and soggy. For added security, the cooker has two touch side handles together with the locking mechanism that makes sure that the steam only builds when the cooker is fully locked in.

Coming with two special high and low-pressure modes, the pressure cooker is capable of simmering, browning, warming and saute. When coupled with its 99-minute timer alongside the precision thermostat that has been integrated into the product, the features allows it to cook various foods, including desserts like cheesecake.


Secura 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker 6qt

best pressure cooker 2016 secura 6 in 1

This pressure cooker from Secura features a stainless steel lid and body with cool touch finishes. These features ensure that you do not suffer burns when using this cooker. Special brackets have also been provided at its sides to guarantee proper placement of the handles and lid. Coupled with the fact that they are dishwasher safe, the features make this pressure cooker the ideal cooking companion.

The utility of this product has been complemented by several cooking functions like the pressure cooker, rice cooker, soup maker and food steamer. Like the best cookers, the product also comes with the micro computer controlled timer and temperature system. When coupled with the unique 24-hours timer span, the system allows the user to focus on other tasks as the cooking goes on.


MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum 8-Quart Pressure Cooker


MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum 8-Quart Pressure Cooker




Coming with durable brushed steel finishes and a large 8 quart pot with the non-stick coating, the MaxiMatic beauty pressure cooker is as safe to handle as it’s able to handle heavy cooking loads. What really justifies its relatively high price is a range of the microcomputer controlled cooking techniques. For example, along with the 0 to 99 cooking timer that’s found on other products, the EPC-808 usually comes with the automatic warming post and pre-cooking, automatic resumption of the cooking process when there’s a minor power cut and most importantly, the automatic pressure maintenance which ensures that even if you leave this pressure cooker unattended, your food will still be gastronomic delight.

In addition, the pressure cooker is able to pre-brown foods prior to pressure cooking. Coupled with the useful indicator beep which plays at the end of each cooking period, the cooking feature allows one to try all the 14 functions that are offered by this product with an equal enthusiasm.

Where to get a good one?

Department stores often have a good selection of pressure cookers in their cookware section. It is, however, better to shop online. There is more information available online, and there is, of course, a wider selection.



It is important to consider all the various aspects of a pressure cooker that are listed above when you are on the market for one. From whether or not it is constructed of stainless steel to what the handles look like and how they feel when you hold it, every aspect is important to give equal consideration to. Remember, this is something you want to last for years, and you want to be able to deliver many good meals from it over those years.